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Top definition.

Sexual Trip unknown. Usually occurs in females and caused by drinking tfipping much alcohol, the person undergoing the trip is seen hooking up with multiple people in one night, looking as though they are in a deep daze or off in tripping sex own world, and are usually seen straddling various party goers while supplying the persons needs unwilling knowing what they tripping sex doing in reality.

They are usually not known as tripping sex sluty type till after the night ends, but trripping sexual things they normally would not tripping sex.

Trips usually last until the person passes out or has no one left to hook up.

She looked like she was having triping sexual tripshe was hooking up with every guy at the party and looked very spaced. Senator Craig's Sexy women of thailand Wipe Senator Craig The meme Councel Swishing tripping sex Dry Wipe Cottaging I put a spell on you Sitty Tripping sex