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Nerdy guy looking for a gal

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:) I DO NOT give my amount away or meet up with man following a day of meeting them on this. One Night Release m4w Have you ever had gak of those days or weeks where you just want to forget about things for few hours and have a little adult fun.

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January edited February in High School Life.

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All guys on CC answer. All girls January edited February Post edited by clairvoyant on February Replies to: January I don't think so.

Men don't like to seriously date or marry intelligent successful women- it seems to be a common date. It threatens their relationship dominance or something like.

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Just my opinion. And this is coming from an intelligent girl. I have more guy friends than girl friends and all my guy friends only look at face and boobs and weight.

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However, if one girl is extremely smart as in valedictorian smartmy guy friends get worried negdy being bummed out, superiority, and ask scarletleavy says, dominance.

But, it all depends on the guy. My guy friends are big-ego guys.

Not very nerdy. I know and it is unfair to no end. I like younger girls that are smart.

This gives you the best of both worlds: Personally, I think "pretty dumb girls" are boring and red head princess hold a logical conversation for very long. As long as the girl is witty and funny, they hold a certain attraction.

I Am Looking Vip Sex Nerdy guy looking for a gal

Plus, I'd prefer a girl who has a certain degree of dominance, because that spices up the whole relationship. Girls who are "valedictorian-smart" are freaky. There need to be more exceptions to the rule. I'm still a little depressed about. That was a really great feeling.

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I am super turned on by smart girls but they have to be pretty too, other wise its ndrdy no yea ive gone out with girls who are nerdy guy looking for a gal intelligent" and it is very frustrating. If i were actually going to live with someone for the rest of my life, or even for a prolonged period of time, they would have to atleast be able to have intellectual beautiful woman wants nsa Youngstown, this is because i would connect with them better, being able to connect on a meaningful level would be important to me and them dominating the whole relationship is also really hot!!

Well with many of the girls that I know there seems to be a tradeoff of intelligence and looks. I cant stand girls that are really good looking but dumb. However many of the nerdy girls at my school just dont seem to care about their appearance and val not attractive.

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The ones that basically are really pretty and really smart have no trouble finding dates. Dawn replies 26 posts Registered User Junior Member. IMO, no matter lookihg sort of girl you are, there will always be guys who are attracted to you. I like. Intelligence is hardly a factor for.

Effulgent replies 45 posts Registered User Senior Member. I don't think there's a tradeoff between intelligence and looks. Some pretty girls act dumb because they think it's cute, and they want to look "cute.

For example, my closest friend is beautiful, and she's extremely intelligent. She was Miss North Orlando, and she speaks 4 languages, 3. She's also foreign. Although, younger guys are more typically drawn to beauty more than to intelligence. Youthful beauty is something that comes and goes.

There's a certain nerdy guy looking for a gal where makeup won't cover up your homeliness anymore. Depends on how secure the guys are. I'm insanely self-confident some would say arrogant, actually, scratch that, most would say arrogant and I love intelligent and driven girls. This is going to come out wrong I'm intensely Type A and almost always work on 3 to 5 hours of sleep a night, and that's after getting home from various ECs at So I couldn't stand an airhead eye candy girlfriend.

P What can I say, I'm just a girl. Recent Activity Advice on Science Classes for AP Bio or Chemistry?

How to apply for presidential volunteer service award? Doubling Up on math.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to be able to find a nerd girl. bombarded with trivia questions by guys who think they're just being a fake geek to impress guys. This Is Why You Don't Have a Girlfriend: The Story of a Nerdy Lady Dating Online Looking back, I realized softening certain aspects of myself was every date I' d ever been on in my '20s, whether I met the guy on or offline. Give a Nerdy girl a chance! This doesn't apply to ALL guys/girls so leave a comment telling me how you met your Nerdy significant other!.

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